I've found the camera in my cell phone is as good as my DSLR and a lot handier.

​Experts say the best camera is the one you have with you.

I have to agree but the cell phones are limited by the lens. 

​I've found that the digital zoom it far to grainy for good picture so I started the search for decent, affordable cell phone lens.

Apexel Lens

After several samples I found Apexel lens and they impressed me. The lens are brighter and clearer than my expensive Ziess binoculars.

The telephoto is 12X which I find is perfect. It gives you good magnification and can be hand held as it is very light. It also makes a very good spotting scope. Price is $40

I tried taking pictures of an owls nest in a local park and the standard lens could barely detect the bird and when I zoomed in the image became very dark and unuseable. 

​With the Apexel 12X telephoto it was better.

Multi-Function Jump Starter

​Have you ever had a dead battery and had to flag down someone to help you start the car... hoping they had jumper cables. Me too, so I took to carrying a bulking jump starter in my trunk and rescued several people.

​ This device is a tenth the size with just as much power plus the capabilities of charging my phone and tablet, and running my laptop. 

​It also has a hammer for breaking a window in an emergency, a powerful flashlight and a knife to cut seatbelts.

​Everything fits into a zippered case that will fit under the front seat of your car. Cost only $80

​An optional air pump will quickly inflate a bicycle or car tire in only $25

Mirror Navigation and Camera System 

​The technology new cars come with make me drool but a cost is prohibitive. This mirror which will fit almost any car will give you all the bells and whistles for a fraction of the cost.

  • ​First off it gives you wide angle forward  and rear facing dash cams recording at 1080p. They record in 1, 3 or 5 minute files with location, time and speed.
  • It connects to your cell phone with Bluetooth to allow you to make and receive calls.
  • I has a GPS system with maps already downloaded.
  • ​Using wifi it will connect to the internet for updates.
  • You can store your music on a sim card and play it through your radio.
  • ​If your car is hit while parked the system will active and record 30 seconds on both cameras


All this technology is incorporated into a rear view mirror that clamps over the existing mirror at a cost of $200

X-CAM Creative Sight 2

Another shortcoming of the cell phone is for movies it is just too light and it is almost impossible to take smooth videos.

I did a little research and tried a couple of inexpensive balanced steady cams. Found them almost useless especially when compared with the electronic system I had for my drone.

I did shoot a few videos using it and was impressed with the quality, but not the convenience.

​In my travels I discovered the modern electronic steady cams available for cell phones and the reviews were very interesting. At first I was interested in the three axis units but realized that for most people that would be totally useless because it would lock in what ever direction the camera was pointed at when you started videoing. A two axis lets you pan and follow a subject.

​I found one I really like and imported a few to test. The results are fantastic.

X-CAM Creative Sight 2

This unit is very solid and well made. It takes terrific video, almost professional quality and the price is $125

MXQ pro  4K Kodi Box 

​Everyone hates the high cable bills and wishes they could lower the cost. Some reduce the selection by eliminating all but the essential, most just bite the bullet and pay the exorbitant fees.

​Let me show you an alternative.

​An Android Computer in this tiny box will deliver great TV shows and movies as good as a DVD and you don't have to wait for a specific time to watch your favorite TV show. It can be programed to stream financial reports, live p

sporting event and news without you having to subscribe to services. You can subscribe to services supplying 600 or more live TV channels for $5 per months. 

​This is definitely the future of TV and you can experience it now for only  $125... no other fees except your internet service

I took these pictures off my balcony. The first is with the standard lens. The second is with the full digital zoom of the camera plus the 12X optical Apexel lens. The lens does amplify the grainy picture of the digital zoom but it does show how strong a magnification it possible. The house cannot even be located  in the first picture

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