Over the last 12 years I have developed and improved Ken Hill Joyrider design. It has evolved into something totally different. From the Ultimate Joyrider to Dream Flyer, Cloud Walker, Phoenix and finally the Cloud Flyer this has been an adventure. I learned from every incarnation.

This journey has taken many turns with FMS being the original company I formed but partnerships made it a challenge. ​Saitek's engineers couldn't make it work and Dan Bowman in Florida has serious health problems holding him back.

I had decided that my passion was not shared by anyone else when Ken Hill, my original inspiration told me that someone from China wanted him to build joyriders for them. He introduced us and things started to happen.

Francis Chao purchased my prototype and flew it and me to Taiyuan to present to investors.

Forget everything you think you know about China until you've been there.

He showed me Bejing and the spectacular city of Shanghai, gave me a ride on the bullet train, showed me Tiananmen Square and several ancient cities including the Forbidden City. He took me to a business jet air show and impressed me with the state of aviation in China and where they want to take it... Then they rented a five star hotel ball room and had me present my simulator to a crowd of qualified investors. They loved it, and gave us a sizable deposit up front and a very generous royalty.

The investors will be manufacturing in China and have asked me to return to get production running smoothly.

I've returned to China, but not speaking Mandarin has made getting production started a challenge. Prototypes have been created and are being tested.

Soon I hope to have a fantastic product to show you.​