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If you are flying nut like me you probably have a couple of adventures you always wanted to try. What stopped you?

Your banker, wife, partner, the FAA, Father Time etc. 

Read on because the Cloud-Flyer will show you how to make these dreams, reality!



How many pilots have quit flying because their wife thinks it is too dangerous. Partners don’t want you risking your life because it could cripple the company. I crashed breaking my back and almost went bankrupt!

Flying can be dicey and cost far more than it is worth, but the Cloud-Flyer Motion Flight Simulator gives you the thrill and satisfaction with none of the risk.


The cost of flying a light plane like a Cessna is prohibitive, fuel, insurance and rental or purchase make it something most can’t afford, but what if you want to be an airline pilot.

I know they get paid to do this, but the cost of getting your commercial license is high and you will be in the backwoods flying a Dash 7 or other boring craft until you earn your wings as the captain of an Airbus 3or Boeing. You then get to fly where they tell you. Only very few like Richard Branson can afford their own airline.

How about being a fighter pilot. First you may not have the education or physique that fits the profile. If you qualify to go through the training, you might make it, one in a hundred does, you will have to give up your life to live on an air force base away from your family and risk being killed every day or worse still sit, on your hands doing boring paperwork waiting for the action.

Many of the things I have done would have landed me in jail, the hospital or the morgue. I flew under the Eiffel tower and Golden Gate Bridge and some of the places I've landed....
You might get a nasty letter from Bill Gates, but the FAA doesn’t give hoot what you do. You should see the aerobatic show I put on at Oshkosh.

You are only limited by your imagination.

We all get old and the flight surgeon tells us to hang up our flying goggles. Cloud-Flyer doesn’t care.

If you black out from the stress you place on your body… no-one dies, not even you!

You’re probably thinking you can do them on your present Flight simulator and you can, but is it as authentic as you want?
Air Forces and Airline understand that a little motion will fool your brain into thinking it is real and use motion simulators extensively.
Here is where the Cloud-Flyer really shines, an airplane doesn’t go exactly where you point it like an arcade game. You have to lead it in and out of a maneuver or it will oscillate

and be very hard to control. Even the most expensive motion flight simulators don’t have this feature. The Cloud-Flyer has it... which makes it the most realistic simulator in existence.

You have to initiate an action a split second before you need it like a real aircraft.

Our patented Interface System introduces this lead.

Just look at what a CLOUD-FLYER MOTION FLIGHT SIMULATOR will let you do

​You are only limited by your imagination.

  • Cloud-Flyer lets you learn to fly a Cessna 172 or Piper Cub if that is your dream or fly a F 22.
  • Fly anywhere in the world in any kind of weather, in any kind of aircraft.
  • I had a friend with a heart condition that had been a bush pilot in the Yukon. He spent his last few years reliving the bush pilot days in one of my simulators.
  • Fight Messerschmitt’s in a P-51 mustang in France or tangle with Migs over Hanoi.
  • Can’t sleep, get up and fly to Hong Kong in your Lear Jet until you can’t keep your eyes open.
  • Cloud-Flyer will let you jump the queue to the left seat of a Boeing 777 flying a dream route to Rio.

Cloud-flyer Motion Flight Simulator will let you experience these adventures with more realism than you could ever imagine.

Whatever you dream, you can do in the Cloud-Flyer at an affordable cost.

Planning to get your pilot's license?

Unless you can afford to do it all at once, you will forget what you learned in previous lesson and have to burn more airtime getting back the previous skills... Some people spend years getting their license.

With a "Cloud-Flyer" you can practise at home maintaining your competence level until your next lesson and learn in a much shorter time. You will also understand what a real plane feels like before your first flight and impress your instructor.

What is a CLOUD-FLYER MOTION flight simulator?

  • The Cloud-Flyer is an unpowered basic motion flight simulator built to a rigorous standard that will impress pilots used to trusting their lives to a machine. 
  • It duplicates the motion of a flying machine using a gimbled chair which uses pressure on the control stick to upset the balance forcing the chair into the desired attitude. This tells the computer where it has moved and displays it on the screens and creates the lead so hard to duplicate. All this is accomplished without the risk of a hydraulic oil spill, a fire from a pinched, shorted wire or a ruptured airline. The reliability of this system is unbelievable.​
  • The frame is constructed from aircraft quality 6061 aluminum, and powder coated to protect it and provide an impressive appearance. 
  • Being aluminum the shipping weight is less than a third what a steel unit would be making for a huge reduction in shipping cost.
  • All fittings and connectors are of the highest quality. The connector at the bottom of the control stick is a hiem joint and on the top is a custom fitting for joining the  handle.
  • Extensive use of threaded inserts make assembly a dream,
  • The  joystick is the perfect controller. It offers so many features, like the separate throttle and no buttons on the base which is mounted under the seat.
  • The software allows you to customize the controls easily, even reversing axis.
  • It works with multiple monitors, virtual reality goggles and projectors.
  • It works with all flight simulator software which allow USB joystick connection.
  • It takes up very little space, less the four feet long and three feet wide.
  • It doesn't require a team of technicians to keep it running.
  • It doesn't cost millions of dollars!


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