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​​​​​Production Is Here

Over the last 10 years I have developed and improved Ken Hill Joyrider design. It has evolved into something totally different. From the Ultimate Joyrider to Dream Flyer to Cloud Walker to Phoenix and finally the Cloud Flyer. I learned from every incarnation, but the most important thing I learned was that I couldn't do it alone. Many people have helped me along the way, but the biggest supporter has been Dan Bowman.

When things got tough, he was the person that stepped up. When manufacturing looked impossible after Kickstarter, he flew up from Florida to see if it could be solved. Back in Florida he canvased the industry until he found a company willing to take on the project.

Dan worked with them to developed a design that could be produced and distributed. He offered me a royalty and licensed the "Cloud-Flyer" design.

His simulator is being marketed as the Sky Fantasy Motion Flight Simulator and is wish him the best.

The Sky Fantasy simulator was shown at Sun' N' Fun last spring to get real pilots to try motion base for honest thoughts and comments before finalizing the design. Dan flew me to Florida to do the final tweaks and he is selling Sky Fantasy simulators.

I was in Florida for the "Light Aircraft Expo" in Sebring Jan 20 - 24 2016. The weather was terrible; rain, wind and tornadoes made it almost impossible. We had one day that we could show and still the response was great.

I was in Florida again for Sun 'N' Fun and this time the weather co-operated. Everyone raved about the simulator. We had a few sales, but the exposure promises the Sky Fantasy will be a huge success.

Oshkosh was a challenge. I never thought an air show could be that big. I saw very little of it but the simulator was well received. Everyone that tried it was impressed. 

What's Next

After twelve years of chasing perfection it is hard to stop. 

While the present produced simulator is liked by all who try it you would think I'd be happy, but I just can't leave it alone. People are always throwing suggestions at me and many have real merit so I built another new design... Cloud-Flyer 6.

I dealt with the latest gremlins that had appeared.

  1. Bulk and weight have always made shipping expensive. It now can be built to pack in one box the size of the chair, but that box is too heavy for the couriers so I took 25 lbs of square tubing and packaged it into another small box of less than a cubic foot creating the cheapest possible shipping size.
  2. Getting in has been an issue, so a floor made it simpler to get aboard.
  3. Wheels mounted on the front of the pitch frame keep it stable when entering or exiting and make it easy to move around. You pick up the back and it acts like a wheelbarrow.
  4. ​The handle on the control stick was breaking with aggressive pilot so I designed a reinforced connector.
  5. Too sensitive was addressed by lowering the attachment of the control spring and the center of gravity of the roll frame. The controls are now less touchy and the stick is self centering when released.
  6. I added more pitch pivot points so the balance for heavy or light pilots can be set over a wider range.
  7. The trim crank was removed and the chair is just slides in a slot and held in place by a rubber block under he seat. The seat was changed to a roto-molded plastic unit that is very sturdy and comfortable.
  8. Assembly of current units takes a few hours while I assembled the new one in just over an hour. One of the things that contribute to the ease of assembly is the use of threaded inserts so nuts are not required in most connections. The number of fasteners was reduced dramatically.

 I recently tried the Cloud-Flyer with a pair of VR glasses and was blown away. It is the final piece in the puzzle. With the two technologies combined it is closer to being there than I could have ever imagined. I'm considering putting a couple of simulators in a trailer and touring airshows.